Department of Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia cover is provided to four operation theaters.

1. Main Operation theater
A: General Surgery   B: ENT
2. Gynae OT (obstetric/gynae)
3. Orthopedic OT (orthopedic, Neuro Surgery and Dental Surgery.
4. Eye OT

Anaesthesia staff:
1. Doctors: It comprises of two Assistant Professor and one senior Registrar.
2. Technicians are 36.

1. Anaesthesia Machine.
2. Ventilators
3. Cardiac Monitor
4. Pulse oximetter
5. Defibrillators
6. Laryngeal Mask.

Staff Members: 

1. Dr M. Shuaib , Anaesthetist
2. Dr Aftab Alam, Anaesthetist
3. Dr Abzair.Ahmad
4. Dr Safia Shah
5. Dr Kausar Begum
6. Dr Zafar Ali Khan