Swat, the former state, was given the status of a District in 1970. This District holds a central position in the northern belt of the Province, and has significance as an area of anthropologi­cal interests in the history ofSouth East Asia. Swat is an extremely attractive place for tourist and it is aptly known as the Switzerland of Pakistan.

Staff Members:

1. Dr Dilawar Khan, Associate Professor
2. Dr Bahadar Ali Khan, Senior Registrar
3. Dr Sajid Akhtar, Senior Registrar
4. Dr Fazal Subhan, Junior Registrar
5. Dr Fazal Karam
6. Dr Sajjad
7. Dr Anwar Ali
8. Dr Umair Khan
9. Dr Ihsanullah
10. Dr Sajjadur Rahman
11. Dr Asghar Khan
12. Dr Asghar Ali Khan
13. Dr Sikandar