The Radiology & medical Imaging department of Saidu Medical College/Saidu Teaching Hospital starting functioning in 1999.
The Department at present has all the Basic Facilities for training of undergraduate MBBS students as well as House Officers.
In near future we are going to have MRI and CT scan facilities for Diagnosis and teaching to the medical students and young doctors.

Staff Members:

1. Dr Ishtiaq Khattak Ch. Rad.
2. Dr Bakht Rokhan Radiologist.
3. Dr Tariq Alam A.P.
4. Dr Sadia Begum Radiologist.
5. Dr Farhat Ara S.M.O.
6. Dr Najibullah PMO
7. Dr Robina Karim.
8. Dr Hany Nisar
9. Dr Huma Saeed
10. Dr Zainab Qadir.
11. Dr Ikram Ali Khan
12. Dr Aneela Ikram
13. Dr Anjum Afroz
14. Dr Salma Liaqat
15. Dr Nargis Alam
16. Dr Erum Muhammad
17. Dr Sarwat Jehan
18. Dr Ishrat
19. Dr Rukhsana