Surgery Department

Surgical Department of Saidu Medical College and Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat is headed by Professor Dr Manzoor Ali FRCS since this was established in 2001. This Department has rich faculty including two Associate Professors, three Assistant Professors, two Senior Registrars, three consultant surgeons and a number of resident surgical doctors. Its infrastructure includes two independent surgical units with a total of 106 beds, state of the art fully equipped operation theatres, out patient department, offices and seminar rooms etc. In year 2009, admission intake was 12745, outpatient load of 20532, operations performed were 7397 major and 958 minor. In addition 1248 bomb blast victims were treated.

Aims of the department are, to promote health in the form of high quality preoperative, operative, postoperative care and rehabilitation provided to the patient, impart training to trainee medical officers, medical students, nurses and paramedical students, keep our staff updated by various bedside and ward side teachings and meetings as well as to encourage faculty and junior doctors to conduct research.

Staff Members:

     Surgical-I    Surgical-II
    1. Dr Manzoor Ali Head Surgery/Prof.
    2. Dr Saifur Rahman Senior Surgeon.
    3. Dr Anwar Syed Surgeon.
    4. Dr Ziaur Rahman Surgeon.
    5. Dr Shabab Hussain Senior Registrar.
    6. Dr Fazli Akbar Senior Registrar.
    7. Dr Asma Rahman.
    8. Dr Miftahuddin M.O
    9. Dr Amjad Akhtar
    10. Dr Muhammad Ali
    11. Dr Rohi Shuaib
    12. Dr Amir Amanullah
    13. Dr Zarmina Liaqat
    14. Dr Khalida
    15. Dr Rukhsana
    1. Dr Prof. Dr Samiullah I/C
    2. Dr Anwarul Haq Assistant Professor.
    3. Dr Dr Muhammad Ismail S.Surgeon.
    4. Dr Shahid Alam Surgeon.
    5. Dr M. Nadeem S.R
    6. Dr Ghulam Hadi P.M.O
    7. Dr Abu Bakr SMO
    8. Dr Fazal Amin S.M.O.
    9. Dr Khalid Hafeez. M.O
    10. Dr Shumaila.
    11. Dr Inayatullah
    12. Dr Bashir Ullah
    13. Dr Shah Abbas
    14. Dr Nasir Iqbal
    15. Dr Niaz Ali
    16. Dr.Jamil Ahmad Sidiqi
    17. Dr Malik Abdullah
    18. Dr Nasir Ali