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It gives me a great pleasure to highlight about and elaborate about the previous status and the present status of Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals and the District Swat and its land which shines like sun is favour for its greenery and scenic beauty and has a long history behind it reaching as far back as several centuries before Christ. It has fruit-laden orchards, flower filled shops, meandering rivers, tumbling streams and is surrounded by high Himalayan ranges. Swat is of gentle summers, golden autumns, snow-mantled winters and flower-laden springs.

 The territory ranges from 991 meters and (350 feet) above sea level at its capital city Saidu Sharif to 5918 meters (19,415 feet) the top of Falaksair towering in the clouds; its speaks kissing the heavens.

Saidu Sharif the capital of Swat state is now the Divisional/ District Headquarter while adjoining city of Mingora is the commercial centre. The Swat Ex-State was given the status of District in the year 1970. Swat holds central position in the northern belt of the Province and commands significance as an area of anthropological and archaeological interests in the history of Central Asia. It is rightly called “The Switzerland of Pakistan” and attracts a lot of tourists. The present Swat owes its grandeur and development due to the imputes by Badshah Sahib and Wali of Swat.

Since my posting as Chief Executive in December, 1999, I am striving to uplift Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals Saidu Sharif Swat to provide tertiary care health facilities to the ailing humanity in the whole of Malakand Division including District Kohistan and the adjoining areas as well. The amelioration of the faculty and auxiliary staff has been the priority of mine over the couple of years. Providing an affordable and accessible education of high quality and to conduct programmes of education, research and public service to advance knowledge and improve the lives of the people of the area and the country.

 Saidu Group of Teaching Hosptials, Saidu Sharif, Swat was established in 1927. Total areas of the Hospital intake is as under.

Saidu Wing:               102.5 Kanals Established ‘n 1946 and its covered area 9.39
Central Wing:            68.17 Kanals Established in 1927 its covered area 9.89

 Both the wings are at a distance of 1 1/2 k.m. apart from each other. This was declared as teaching hospital by the Government of Khyber Paktunkhwa Health Department in the year 2000 for teaching purposes ofSaiduMedicalCollege, Saidu Sharif, Swat.

 The hospital provides curative care in all the basic specialties including intensive and cardiac care services.
Total bed strength of the Hospital is 497 with diagnostic and other services as under:-

  • Radiology & Ultrasonography Unit
  • Laboratory
  • Blood Bank
  • Oral and Dental Services Operation Theatre facility

 The scattered OPDs have been re-located under one root to facilitate the patients.  Upon assigning the duties of the Chief Executive of the Hospital, the following steps have been taken:

  •  Enhance the standards of the Hospital which helps the students ofSaiduMedicalCollegeand patients care a lot by qualified faculty in various clinical disciplines.
  • Funds
  • Equipment
  • Creation of posts
  • Appointment of staff
  • Ensure punctuality of staff
  • Arranged duty roster
  • Removal of staff from service for non observance of punctuality-P; attendance
  • Established Intuitional Management Council

 A scheme “Upgradation of Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital” was approved by ECNEC with 60% budget share of Federal Government and 40% share of the Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhv:a to improve and increase the bed strength to 1225. This will help the hospital to meet the new challenges. The initial capital cost worth Rs.614.551 million and Revenue cost worth Rs.470.747 million (Total 1085.298 million) were allocated for the scheme. The construction is under way and completion of its Phase-I is near to complete in June 2012.

The PC-I of the said scheme includes the cost for acquiring 96 kanals land for the upgradation of Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital and the following components are included in the scheme:


a)      OPDs for all disciplines
b)     ICU
c)      CCU
d)     Private Rooms
e)      Seven number of Operation Theatres
f)       Hostels for Doctors
g)      Hostel for Nurses
h)     Hostel for Paramedics
i)        Services for the Hospital kitchen, cafeteria
j)        Doctor’s family accommodation
k)      Staff accommodation
l)        Play ground and other amenities

 Most of the essential equipment has been procured and the remaining pointed out by the PM&DC in its recent inspection report is under progress worth 100.00 million during the current year 2011-2012. If we look ten years back, the Hospital used to provide District level patients health care to the population and now with its affiliation with Saidu Medical College, it has not only been upgraded to the status of teaching level but also have essential equipment and full team and panel of doctors in each specialty. Resultantly, a very few patients cross the Malakand mountain for treatment especially for emergencies.

  • MRI machine installed and functional.
  • C.T Scan machine installed and functional.
  • Taking positive step, the Provincial Health Department provided a piece of land to Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission for the establishment of “SINOR” to attend cancer patients which is attached with Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital. It shall facilitate the students and patients of the catchment area.

Under the dynamic leadership of Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Khan Chief Executive, the CPSP has approved and granted accreditation to Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals for imparting training to the FCPS/ MCPS TMOs in the six major clinical departments of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, ENT & Ophthalmology. A mega project of 100 bedded Accident & Emergency Department (Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Model Hospital, Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals, Swat) with all facilities in collaboration with UAE and Engineering Core of Pak Army has been completed and people of the are are benefiting a lot.

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