Ophthalmology Department was established in rudimentary form in 1977 and the patients used to be admitted in a general ward, having medical, surgical, gynae and ENT patients also. Equipment was almost nil and the unit was equipped by a torch only. There was single room OPD and a common OT with General Surgery and ENT.

A separate Eye Ward was established later on and the unit was run by a qualified District Eye Specialist. In 1996 a 2nd Eye Specialist was also posted.

In 2001 the Saidu Group of Hospitals was declared as Teaching Hospital, affiliated with Saidu Medical College and apart from the existing District Specialist, 1st Assistant Professor was appointed. Now Eye Department is a fully developed having 24 bedded ward, doctors office, paramedics office and a fully equipped Examination & Demonstration room also.

Staff Members:

1. Prof. Dr Arshad Iqbal, Head of Department
2. Dr Fakhrul Islam, Eye Specialist
3. Dr Amir Naseem, Junior Registrar
4. Dr Zeeshan
5. Dr Asghar Khan
6. Dr Tariq M. Saeed
7. Dr Mehvish Younas Khan
8. Dr Seema Gul
9. Dr Asmat Jehan