Paeds Medicine

A 15 bedded children’s hospital was established in the already existing Red Crescent building adjacent to the Saidu hospital in 1958. In 1969 the state merged with Pakistan. In 1971 all the three hospitals i.e Saidu, Central, children’s Hospitals were added to Saidu group of teaching hospital, Swat having 500 beds. In 1974 a 60 bedded Eye, ENT and children’s wards were added to Saidu group of hospital Swat.

Saidu Teaching Hospital is an undergraduate teaching institution providing tertiary care facilities to District Swat, Khohistan, Dir and Bajour Agency.

Department of Child Health consists of 54-bedded Children unit with annual admissions of more than fifteen thousand. Its twenty bedded   Neonatal unit provides facilities for neonatal intensive care, Phototherapy and exchange transfusion. Out patient department takes care of more than seventy five thousand patients’ annually and also provide emergency pediatric services and immunization facilities.



1. Prof. Dr Israr ul Haq Head of Department
2. Prof. Dr Ihsan ul Haq
3. Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Associate Professor
4. Dr M. Rasool Khan Paediatrician.
5. Dr M. Ibrahim Paediatrician
6. Dr Fazal Rabbani Paediatrician
7. Dr Sajjad Hussain S/R
8. Dr Sardar Khan S/R
9. Dr Salman Mustaan S/R
10. Dr.Pir Murad Khan J/R
11. Dr Ziaullah Khan P.M.O
12. Dr Manzoor Ahmad P.M.O.
13. Dr Dr zahir Syed M.O
14. Dr Abdullah Khan S.M.O
15. Dr Fazal Rabi S.M.O
16. Dr Nasrullah Khan S.M.O
17. Dr Feroz Shah.
18. Dr Adnan Zia
19. Dr Shah Hussain S.M.O
20. Dr Ahmad Ali
21. Dr Rafiqullah Khan
22. Dr M. Haleem.
23. Dr Samreen Khan
24. Dr Fazal Wahab
25. Dr Attaullah
26. Dr Yasir Khurshid
27. Dr Attaullah Shah
28. Dr Syed Ziaul Haq
29. Dr Jawad,
30. Dr Fazal Wahab